Techdrill Advisory Club

The Techdrill Advisory Club regroups all the well engineering, drilling and optimisation experts that use Techdrill's proprietary software in their work. These are experienced professionals that account for years of experience in their respective domains.

Jean Miramon
Technical committee
French, ex-Dowell Schlumberger, Total – Production specialist
Burnie Simpson
Technical committee
British, ex-Shell and BP – HPHT & Deepwater, Equipment and Procedures specialist.
Augusto Carmona da Mota
Technical committee
Portuguese, ex-Petrofina & Shell - Equipment and Procedures specialist.
Gerard Cuvillier
Technical committee
French, ex-Total and Schlumberger. Drilling Specialist in Deep Water, having published technical procedures for Specific Drilling Operations
Bill Abel
Well control contingency, well control planning, blow out remedial expert
American, Well Control and MPD expert, Drilling Practices for Preston L. Moore, Inc., controlled 41 wells in Kuwait Well Fires
Patrick Daget
Senior Vice President, Well Engineering / R&D
French, ex Total & Shell - HPHT, Offshore deep drilling specialist, Teacher at French Petroleum Institute.
Robert MacAndrew
Well management expert
Field development to well management consultancy by a team of seasoned professionals based in Aberdeen, Scotland.