Overview of DSP-One© Casing & Tubing Centre

The Casing & Tubing Centre is based on the on the widely accepted and approved industry Tri-Axial casing design module from DSP-One. Easy to use and revamped to include new load cases the casing design application offers unique functionality as it includes, as part of an advance workflow, a seamless integration with the Casing Operation suite of applications that will provide validation of the casing design string before running it into the open hole.

Also included in this centre are applications servicing workflows from Cementing, Riser Analysis (2D) and, planned for a later release in 2015, Tubing Design that will complement the Casing Tubing Centre.


Your casing yard keeps growing?

Having miles of casing rusting away in the yard is a well-known problem to all of us. Shouldn’t we all try to deliver a good, fit for purpose casing design, prioritising stocks over new orders?

DSP-One©’s Casing & Tubing Centre can help you achieve this feat! Its Casing Design module, powered by DSP-One, is engineered to help you prioritise available casings.

The Casing Design workflow follows five easy and intuitive steps:

  1. Define your Landing Conditions and Load Cases;
  2. Select a list of casings from a built in catalogue. Use this feature to select all the casings on stock at your casing yard;
  3. Compare, in a single graph, the suitability of all casings in your list, against API Burst and Collapse calculated stresses;
  4. Pick your casing string graphically, comfortably knowing its behaviour against API Burst and Collapse calculations;
  5. Finally, double check if the Triaxial stresses, plotted in the Von Mises Ellipses Diagram, are adequate to the selected casing string.

In only 5 easy steps, you can analyse all your casing stock against your well requirements and derive a fit for purpose casing programme.

Superior user experience for better designed wells!