Collaborative field development planning

The aim of Octopus is to provide a practical tool that will enhance the engineering capabilities of the office based engineer involved in field development.

This application is used to assist in the optimised design of multi-well field development projects.


  • Analyse various scenarios effortlessly.
  • Smoothly adapt your plans to new constraints.
  • Optimisation of trajectories to slot allocations.
  • Quick, powerful, and easy drilling campaign planning.
  • Data link to Earth Model.
  • Computes uncertainties at target depth.
  • Wells Plans can be shared into DSP-One, saving further data input time.
  • Powerful anti-collision tools.


  • Reduce the cost of an Oil/Gas Field development drilled by optimising the total drilling length of the Prospect using graphical visualisation.
  • Give quick results to two questions: Estimated time to drill? Cost to drill?
  • Share the results of the optimisation with the user of an Earth Modeling Application.
  • Reduce the time spent on drilling optimisation.
  • Statistical Well Cost Analysis.


Using this application, multidisciplinary teams will be able to work on their field development plan and optimise the wells trajectories in TSP with Petrel earth models. The project can then seamlessly be utilised to finalise the drilling program and detailed well engineering.

In non-conventional drilling scenarios, Octopus offers an incredible flexibility to create and define optimum drilling pads, generate well trajectories and quickly scan for collision risks.

These novel workflows are amazing. The Techdrill Octopus Petrel Plug-in will be released in 2015.


With Octopus you will be able to quickly define the number of targets and their positioning. From there you will be able to derive the number of wells and drilling pads to optimally develop the field; this information is then readily available through the well database to other applications in TSP for well engineering.