Overview of the DSP-One© Directional Drilling Centre

DSP-One's Directional Drilling centre boasts substantial new capabilities and features. For starters, with the revamped architecture of the platform, we are providing an SQL database for more efficient well data management. We have also built brand new graphic servers for 2D and 3D displays. The Directional Drilling centre includes a feature to import Petrel subsurface information for better well trajectory design and anti-collision monitoring.

Overall the improvements brought to the Directional Drilling Centre make it a unique suite of applications that will raise your user experience to new levels.

The integrated workflows, and the plug in to Petrel now available, participate in delivering smarter well construction and higher recovery rates.

The well is off its path, what now?

Did you ever have to change your well program on the fly due to Direction Drilling issues? Imagine the case where, for some unforeseen reason, your well trajectory has wandered off its planned path, you are still on the intermediate section and your boss decides to take the well to TD. This isn’t going to be an easy workaround and you are in for a long night at work. Well not really!

Did you know that with DSP-One© Directional Drilling Centre, you can easily get back on plan using the “Back on Plan” directional tool and re-design the trajectory while creating a new updated survey in no time. Once this is done, you still have plenty of time to check, one by one, if all the considerations you have taken in the original well design are still valid. You can even push it a little further and use the Optimisation Centre to, with one single click of the mouse, run the Well Optimisation module and visualise which if any criteria requires adjustment.


Smarter Well Construction 

  • Domain silos become obsolete as DSP-One© innovative workflows bridge the divide between wellbore centric domain applications and reservoir centric software platforms.
  • Real time data is turned into actionable real time information.
  • Increased control over your operations also means improved HSE and KPIs.